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Employee Engagement or Customer Engagement?

It’s easy to focus attention on what you ultimately want in your company – engaged customers willing to pay for your product or service.

If that’s the ultimate goal, then that’s where many leaders think most of their resources should be focused. And often times, employees are considered a part of those resources just like money, technology, and infrastructure are. But are they really resources when they have the power to make or break your company?

Engaged employees tend to be happy employees, and happy employees have been shown to be more productive. Whereas employees who are not engaged, or actively disengaged can be detrimental to customer experience and create costly turnover.

Perhaps it’s time to consider employees differently. As integral contributors whose engagement are just as, if not more, crucial than their proficiency to the success of your company. Instead of as resources or capital.

Contributors are recognized for their humanity, where as resources or capital strips them of that.

Funny thing that when humanity is absent in titles, it tends to expand out to how those with the titles are respected and treated. Bring back the humanity. Your employees will thank you for it. And remember, when your employees are happy, everyone’s happy!

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